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Crochet Sites     top
Crochet Guild of America
Crochet 'N' More
The Crochet Network
Crochet Cabana
Catalog Of Crochet Indian Designs
Becky's Touch of Crochet
Serendipity Crochet
Free Crochet Video Tutorial Intro
Yarn Lover's Room
JPF Crochet Club
Simply Crochet
Amigurumi Dude
All in a days-Amigurumi
Crochet Hook Sizes

Free Form Crochet
Freeform Knitting and Crochet
Elegant Freeform Crochet
Freeform Wearable Fiber & Bead Art
The beginnings of an adventure 
        in Free Form Crochet
Susan's Free Form Crochet
Freeform Knitting and Crochet
Freeform beading and wire crochet


The Knitting and Crochet Guild of Great Britain
The Sheffield Area Crochet and Knitting Guild
Crochet Guild of America
New York City Crochet Guild
Madison Area Crochet Guild (MACG)
The Southwest Ohio Crochet Guild (SOCG)
International Free Form Crochet Guild
The International Freeform Fiberarts Guild

Bead Crochet
Crocheting With Beads
bead knitting and crocheting
Freeform beading and wire crochet


What is ...
Filet crochet
Irish crochet
Tunisian crochet
Hairpin lace
Hairpin Lace Crochet
Broomstick lace
Bead Crochet
FreeForm Crochet
Crochet Tutorials     top
learn to knit and crochet
Free Crochet Tutorial
Crochet Lessons for Left-Handers
Crochet Lessons for Right-Handers
Loop Stitch Tutorial
How to Make a Crochet Starting Chain
How To Single Crochet Step-By-Step
How to Single Crochet Two Stitches Together (Decrease)
How to Weave in Ends
Knot Stitch How-to
About Crochet...

Assembling Amigurumi
Amigurumi Double Ring

Filet Crochet
FILET CROCHET tutorial for crocheters
AA Filet Crochet
Filet Crochet Techniques
Learn Filet Crochet Basics
Increasing in Filet Crochet

Wire Crochet
Wire Crochet
Knit and Crochet With Wire and Beads
Single Crochet with Beads and Wire
How To Wire Crochet
Crocheting with wire hints and tips

Broomstick Lace
Broomstick Lace Tutorial

Hairpin Lace
Hairpin Lace Instructions
Hairpin Lace Tutorial
Instructions for making Hairpin Lace
More Hairpin Lace Instructions
How To Make Hairpin Lace
Hairpin Lace-crochetcabana
Hairpin Lace Instructions

Tapestry Crochet
Tapestry Crochet

Bead Crochet
bead crochet dot com
Knit and Crochet With Wire and Beads
Single Crochet with Beads and Wire

Tunisian Crochet
An Introduction to Tunisian Crochet
Tunesische Häkelei(German)
Guipure Spitze(German)

Free Form Crochet
What is freeform?
Freeform Crochet
Free form crochet and knitting demo
Crochetville -  Freeform Crochet

Free Pattern Sites Crochet     top
Free Crochet Pattern  
Crochet and Craft Links
  or Crochet and Craft Links
Crochet . . . Gotta Love It!
Craft Town - free crochet pattern
Crochet Pattern's to Enjoy
Maggie the Crochet-a-Holic's Page
Simply Crochet
Country Road Art Gallery
Crochet me
Berroco - Free Patterns
JPFun Pattern Directory
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears
Free Crochet Projects
Interweave Crochet Web Projects
Nurhanne - Stitchpatterns

Broomstick Lace Afghan Square
Broomstick Lace Afghan
Hairpin Lace Patterns
patterns for filet crochet

A Free-Form Crochet Challenge
Craftbits - Free Patterns

Bead Crochet
Bead Crochet
Beaded Crochet Rope Instructions
Ann's Beaded Crochet Amulet Bags
Wire Crochet Patterns
Knitting Sites     top
Knits 'N Bytes
Knitting Hints, Tips & Techniques
Heidi's Knitting Room
Vivian Høxbro
INKnitters magazine
Knitter's Review
All in a days-Amigurumi
bead knitting and crocheting
Knitting Journal

Knitting Japanese Wannabees
Short Knitting Poems 5-7-5
('5-7-5' is a traditional style poem in Japan)

Free Form Knitting
Freeform Knitting and Crochet-Scrumbles
Freeform Knitting and Crochet-knittingcrochet.suite101

Dictionary French-English Knitting
Russian Knitting Terms
Norwegian knitting terms

Knitting Needle Sizes
Knitting Needle Conversions
Needle Conversion Chart

The Knitting and Crochet Guild of Great Britain
The Sheffield Area Crochet and Knitting Guild
The Knitting Guild Association
Canadian Guild of Knitters
The Guild of Machine Knitters
The Handknitters Guild
The Minnesota Knitters' Guild
The International Freeform Fiberarts Guild

What is ...
Finger knitting
Bead knitting
Slip-stitch knitting
Mosaic knitting
Warp / Weft knitting
Flat knitting
Circular knitting
Combined / Combination knitting
Cable knitting
Brioche knitting
Shadow knitting
Fair Isle

EPS(Elizabeth's Percentage System)
Elizabeth Zimmermann

Knitting Tutorials     top
Free Knitting Instruction
Beginning Knitting class
Learn to Knit (1974 publication) - pdf
How to Knit
Basic knit instructions
Easy Knitting
Learn to knit how-to's
Arcadia Knitting
Knitting Basics
Learn How to Knit
How to Knit - The Purse Workshop
Knitting Information
Basic Knitting for Beginners
The Knittingfool
Lets Knit2gether
Knitting at KNoon - Knitting Videos
Technique Review
Knitting Techniques
Common Knitting Terms
Designing on Your Own - How to Start
How To Wind A Center Pull Ball

Spool Knitting / Knitting Nancy
Knitting Spool (pdf)
How to Use a Knitting Spool
How to Make a Corker
How To Use a Corker or 
    Do Spool Knitting
Spool Knitter
Spool Knitting Instruction
The lost art of Knitting Nancys

Provisional Cast-on for a Triangular Shawl
Provisional Cast-on (video)

Illusion Knitting Tutorial
Illusion Patterns and how to create them

Two-strand tubular cast-on Part 1
Two-strand tubular cast-on Part 2

Circular Knitting with Two Circular Needles
traveling stitch (2 stitch cable)
Knitting Cables 
left twist cable
Plaited stitch
Bubble tutorial

La page du tricot (French)
Tricotin (French)
Les Tricot (French)
Strikking (Norway)

Knit Instruction (Japanese)
Knitting (Japanese)
Japanese Knitting Symbol Primer
Japanese Knitting Basics
Japanese-English Knitting Dictionary
How to Read Japanese Graphical Knitting Charts

What is Finger Knitting and How do I do it?
Finger Knitting (pics)
Finger knitting-Crafts
Finger Knitting(pdf)

Amigurumi Tutorial #1 for Knitters
Amigurumi Tutorial #2 for Knitters

English / Continental Methd
How to knit English Method
English knitting / right-hand knitting or throwing
How to knit Continental Method
Continental knitting / German knitting / European 
          knitting or left-hand knitting

Bead Knitting
Knitting With Beads
The two "Bead Knitting" Methods
Knit and Crochet With Wire and Beads

Free Form Knitting
Free form crochet and knitting demo

Embossed Leaves Socks "How To"
Resources for the Sock Knitter
Socks 101
Knitting Socks
The Sock Knitter's Companion:
      Step-by-Step Help
toe-up socks
a short-row heel tutorial

Free Pattern Sites Knitting     top
Antique Knitting Patterns
Baby Pattern's
Children's Kntting Patterns
Mittens, Hats and Slippers
Lion Brand Yarn - Free Knitting Patterns
Lacy Patterns
patterns for KNITTED toys
Little Teddy Knitting Pattern
Cozy In Cables Toddler Vest
Cozy In Cables Toddler Sweater
Cozy in Cables Big Kid Sweater
Mr. Bean Style Teddy Bear
Kathryn Ivy - Patterns
Free Knitting Projects
Knitting Needlework Projects
Felted Bags
Free Patterns in Philosopher's Wool
Bits and Bytes - Wolhalla
Stitch Index
Historic Knitting Patterns
Vintage Purls
Rebecca Free Patterns
Berroco - Free Patterns - Free Patterns
bestrickendes - Free Patterns
Knitting at KNoon Designs - Free Patterns
Harry Potter Free Knitting Patterns
Freshisle Fibers-Free Patterns
Shadow Knitting/Illusion Knitting
Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting On The Net
Dishcloth Botique
Craftbits - Free Patterns

Garnstudio & Drops Design (many different languages)
Kunststrik (English translations)
Tricothèque (French)
Kadootjes - Wolhalla (NL)

Bead Knitting
Bead Knitted Amulet Bag
The beadlady designs

Quick Knit Socks
free sock patterns
Adult Socks & Slippers
Too Hot to Knit Socks
Old Shale Two Yarn Sock
Basketweave Ribbing Socks
More Fun Than Cables Sock
Shetland Lace Rib Sock
Mini Basketweave Toddler Sock
Fluted Banister Socks
Basic Socks
Toe-up Sock
wendy's toe-up sock pattern
Embroidery top
Video Library of Hand-Embroidery Stitches
Stitching and Embroidery Techniques
Back to Basics useful tips and techniques
Wonderful Stitches
Embroidery stitches
2 Busy Stitching Free Charts
Free Machine Embroidery Projects
Free Hand Embroidery Projects

Cross Stitch
How to do cross stitch
Counted Cross Stitch
Counted Cross Stitch Chart Generator
Hints on Counted Cross Stitch
Assisi work
Long Armed Cross Stitch
Counted Cross Stitch Tutorial
Cross Stitch
Getting started
Free Cross Stitch Pattern
Weekly Cross Stitch Picks
Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Nurhanne - Cross Stitch

Redwork Revisited
A Redwork Embroidery Primer
Redwork in Germany
How to do redwork embroidery
Free Redwork Patterns
Redwork Embroidery and Quilting at Grandma's Attic
The Calico Cat Redwork
Penny Squares
Redwork Santa Claus
Redwork Snowmen
Presidential Redwork
Redwork Sewing Motifs (9 in .pes format) 
Redwork Embroidery (Books and Patterns)

A Blackwork Embroidery Primer
Stitch on line
Blackwork Addict
Blackwork for Costume
The Elizabethan Practical Companion 
      Blackwork Gallery
Holbein stitch
Double-running stitch
The Blackwork Embroidery Archives
Mistress Aspasia's Blackwork Info
Blackwork -- An Introduction
Fill-in Patterns from Sixteenth 
     Century Blackwork Embroideries
Kiara's Historic Blackwork Page

The History of Hardangersom
Hardanger Lessons
Hardanger Embroidery
Free Hardanger Embroidery Patterns
Free Hardanger Patterns for Beginners

About sashiko
Embroidery by Design


What is ...
Assisi embroidery
Blackwork Embroidery
Hardanger embroidery
Whitework embroidery
Whitework more
Sashiko quilting
Lace top
The Lace Guild
The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation
International Old Lacers
The International Forum of Lace and Embroidery
Lace Study Centre
Antique Bobbin Lace
Csetneki Hungarian Lace
The Guild of Irish Lacemakers
Filet lace by the sea
Tatting instructions
Shuttle Tatting Instructions
online tatting class
tatting lessons
Learn how to tat
tips and tricks
Tat-ra Sutra
Jan Stawasz
Tatting Patterns
more tatting patterns
Pattern Links
What is ...
Filet lace
Limerick lace
Doll and Toys Sites     top
Paradise Publications
Doll Hair Care and Cleaning
Dollmaker's Journey
Doll Making for everyone
Bear Making Tips
The Doll Net
About Cornhusk Dolls
Free Porcelain Doll Painting Tips
patterns for KNITTED toys
Patterns (for charitable use)
Pinnochio & Jimminy Cricket - Cheryl Matson
Fashion Doll Summer Party Dress & Shawl (crochet)
Linda's Patterns for fashion dolls
The Red-Heel Sock Monkey Toy
Red Heel Sock Elephant
Cloth Doll Class
Easy Yarn Dolls
Cloth Doll Making
Bears and Friends
Quilting, Patchwork, Sewing     top
QuiltArt Website
Lost Quilt Homepage
Missing Fabrics Website
Planet Patchwork Homepage
The Quilter Magazine Online
Quilting - The Mining Company
Kaye Wood's Website 
Caryl Bryer Fallert's Website
Sara Newberg King's Quilting Studio
Jinny Beyer's Quilt Studio
Marbled Fabrics Website
Fabrics To Dye For
Northwest Quilters
Fat Quarter Shop
Bear Paw Quilt's fat quarters

Traca Artesanato

South Africa
Quilting Showcase

Quilt Pieces
The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
Fabric Inspirations Quilting Shop

The Danish Patchwork Guild

Norwegian Quilters' Guild site

Lapp-Elisa Quilts

There are Quilters in Italy

Patchwork- und Quiltjournal
Wiener Quilts und Patchwork

European Quilt Association - EQA
German Quilters' Guild site
Liesels Ecke (English version)
Quilting notions made by PDPM
Die Quilt Seite

Association of Swiss Quilters
Trudy's Patchwork & Quilting Page

French Quilters' Guild site
Quilt Creations

Belgian Quilters' Guild site

The Quilters' Guild of the Netherlands

Patchwork Tsushin
Japanese Fabrics

Shops (click for list)

Batik List (link list)
Crazy Quilters

Machine Quilting
Machine Quilting Basics
Machine Quilting
Karen's Machine Quilting
Machine Quilting FAQ
Quilter's Quarters, Machine Quilting
Machine Applique Patterns

Sashiko quilting
About sashiko
Embroidery by Design

Sewing Tools
Singer Sewing Co
Toyota Sewing Machines
Husqvarna Viking

Sewing Sites
Sewing At About
Burda Style
Home Sewing Association
Define the sewing world (Sewpedia)
Size Chart US sizes/Burda
burda Measurement charts
Learn to sew at You Can Make It!
Teaching Children How to Sew
Sewing Crafts

Quilt-Pro Systems


Quilting, Patchwork, Sewing How Tos and Patterns     top
learn to sew on 43 Things
Jeans Back Pockets
Making Round Straps
Make Long Bias Straps
Finish edges with simple scalloped Elastic Tape
Dress Form
Triangle Top
How to Sew On a Button
How to sew on a button (Video)
How to Replace a Missing Button
How to Fix a Frayed Buttonhole
How to Mend a Split Seam
How to Baste a Hem or Seam
How to Apply No-Sew Snaps to Clothing
How to Sew On Snaps
How to Sew Snap Tape on Clothing
How to Sew (Videos)
Sewing Knits
How to Sew a French Seam
How to Make a Yo-Yo Appliqué
How to Stitch Quilts
How to Make a Crazy Quilt
How to Cut Quilt Pieces
How to Hold a Quilting Bee
How to Collect Materials for Quilting
How to Prepare Materials for Quilting
How to Make Patchwork
Circular Needle Roll - Tutorial
Double Pointed Needle Pouches
Free Quilting Projects
Free Sewing Projects

Organizing Your Craft Room


Open Source Sewing Patterns
Burda Free Downloads
How to Make your own Washable Cotton Pads
Free Sewing Projects
Plus Size Sewing Patterns
How to Make a Sporty Beach Bag
Free Sewing Projects & Patterns
MichaelMillerFabrics-free patterns

Free Applique Patterns

Bears and Friends     top
Bears & Buds (online Teddy Bear Magazine)
Teddybear Club International
Teddy Bear Scene
Teddy Bear and Friends
Teddy Today
Teddy Bear Search Engine
Teddybär Total
Teddy Hermann
South African Bears

Bear Making - Classes
Bear Classes Online
Bear & Doll Making Online Workshops
Doll Net Campus (hat making class)

Shops & Supplies
Beary Special Supplies
The Teddy Bear Store
Disco Joints and Teddies
Make a Teddy Bear
Monika Timpe Artist Bears

Bear Making - Patterns
Gemini Bears Free Pattern Page
Anna (5.5 cm / 2.2")
Ballerina  (5 cm / 2")
Lulubell and Friends  (23 cm)
Mohair Teddy Bear
A Free Teddy Bear Pattern
Let me hide
Miniature Angel Bear
Tiny Bear
Free Bear Patterns
Tiny Teddy
Free Teddybear Pattern
Teddy Bear
Bear Adaption
Making Collector's Teddy Bears
Teddy Bear's head
Stuffed Rag doll Kitten
Terry cat
Stuffed pig
Stuffed Dachshund
Teddy Bear (crochet)
Teddy Bears (crochet pattern links)
Mr. Bean Style Teddy Bear (knit)
Other Interesting Sites     top
Translations - Dictionaries - Terminology
Wörterbuch der Begriffe für Textiles Gestalten 
        Englisch - Deutsch (pdf)
Übersetzung engl. Strickbegriffe ins dt.
dictionary textile art English - German (pdf)
Dictionary of Crafts Terms English - German
British and American Crochet terms
Translation English to German knitting terms
English - Danish Terms
Russian Knitting Terms
Norwegian knitting terms
knitting dictionary (DE, NO, SE, DK)
knitting dictionary (DE, UK/US, ES, FR)
Crochet Terms in Six Languages (US, ES, IT, FR, DE, PL)
Knitting Symbols
Knitting Terminology Dutch-English
Knitting Terminology German-English
Knitting Terminology French-English
Chart Creator

Stitch Markers
Stitch Markers for Knitting
Photo Stitch Marker Tutorial
Making Stylish Stitch Markers (doc)
Stitch Markers
A Guide to Stitch Markers
Do It Yourself Beaded Stitch Markers
Beaded Stitch Markers

Paula Burch's All About Hand Dyeing Fabric
Using Easter egg dyes
Dyeing Fabric
Tie Dyeing
Dyed in the wool
Dyeing Protein Fibers with Kool-Aid, 
     Easter Egg Dyes and Food Colors
Yarn Dyeing Tutorial
Tea Staining
How To Use Tea to Age Fabrics
How to Tea Stain Fabric
Tea Staining Fabric
Tea & Coffee Stainin
making self-striping yarn

Felt Patch Tutorial
how to make a felt ball
Needle Felting
Needle Felting Basics
Needle Felt a Ladybug
needle felted flower tutorial
Needle Felt a doll
Needle-Felted Pillows
free felting and needle felting patterns
Felted Bags

Jewelry Making

Tinas Origami
Tammy Yee's Origami Page

Sekretariat Flink (office assistance service/Austria)


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