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Symbol Crochet
How to follow a diagram

Every stitch has it's own definite symbol.
At any point you can compare your own progress with the diagram and see exactly where you are in your pattern.

Have a look at a sample diagram to show you just how the system works.

Here rounds (or rows) are numbered in red. (fig 1.)

symbol crochet how to 1


A boldface number inside a chain loop tells you how many chain stitches you need for that loop. (fig. 2)
The chain stitch is abbreviated as ch and its symbol is a hollow ovalch.

symbol crochet how to 2

In this sample diagram, a loop in round 7 has 5 stitches, while on round 8 it has 9 stitches.
On round 6, you are working in groups of 5 triple crochets, for which the abbreviation is tr
and the symbol istr.

As of round 5, only part of each round is shown because the same sequence of stitches is repeated all around.
However, you can see the beginning and the end of each round throughout the pattern.

Now lets begin

Look in the middle of the green circle (fig. 3). Like you are looking through a spyglass.
Begin with a chain of 6 ch (you see 6 ch in the diagram) and join it to a ring with a slst (slst ).

1. R:
1 ch, sc in same st, sc in every st (7 sc), join with slst.
You made your first round!
2. R:
Now our green circle is a little bit wider (fig. 4).
Follow the diagram and try the next round on your own.
symbol crochet how to 3 symbol crochet how to 4

3 ch (= 1 dc), * 3ch, 1 dc in next sc, 3ch *, repeat from * to * 4 times, join with slst.
Did you follow the diagram???

Now continue in the same manner with the other rounds.

!!!Now you can start working on the project you want.
But please pay attention to the written instructions as you proceed cause
they may contain some needful data that could not be included in the diagram!!!

Abbreviations - Symbols

Every stitch has it's own symbol. Here are some examples of the most important ones.
Sometimes there are different symbols. All you had to do is pay attention to the abbreviation and it's explanation.

chain ............................ ch
single crochet ................ sc
slip stitch ...................... sl st
half double crochet ........ hdc
double crochet ..............
(yo 1 time)
triple crochet .................
(yo 2 times)


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